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Desert Experience Tour

Welwitschia MirabilisIf you haven’t seen the endemic prehistoric Welwitschia Mirabilis, the !Nara plant and the semi-precious stones in the Namib desert, you haven’t seen the real Namibia.

Take a day or a half of your stay in Swakopmund and let an experienced guide take you out there into the Namib. Mondlandschaft

Watch ostriches and springboks grazing in the silence of a dry river bed between amazing rock formations where klipspringers are hopping around.

Visit the old Khan Mine, the abandoned custom station or the oasis Goanikontes. And finally enjoy a breathtaking view over the moon landscape which gives you the feeling of being on top of the earth.

Daytour through the Namib desert (about 3-4 hours, including cooldrinks).
Halfday tour through the Namib desert (about 6-7 hours, including cooldrinks & Snack).
Rates on request.

Living Desert "Little 5"

Palmato GeckoThe desert wind blows smoothly over the dunes while the first sunligt discovers small shadows in the sand. Silently something moves around, leaving tiny tracks in the moving sand.

Desert ChameleonLittle beatles, snakes and insects try to cover from the hot sun, geckos hide under stones and plants.
The Namib desert lives in all facettes, in tiny tracks and almost invisible movement. We follow them with an experiences tour guide who knows the desert like no-one else and see them face to face, the wonderful little 5 of the Namib desert.

Desert tour „Little 5“ (about 4 hours, including cooldrinks). Rates on request.