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Their are 1001 ways to explore Namibia. Camping, backpackers, hotels, guest farms, lodges and high class accomodation, in breathtaking environment are ready to accommodate you at the best.
Explore the country as a self-drive tour, join in an organized safari or book your personal tour guide. Nothing is impossible.

When traveling Namibia for the first time, a personal guide is the best choice as you can stop where ever you find places and landscapes of interest, look deeper into historical stories, valued minerals, rare plants and stunning outlooks with incredible photography opportunities.  tl_files/namibia-aktiv/Artikel/Museum 12.jpg

Namibia is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. A country full of contrasts and secrets, endless deserts, high mountains and wild gorges, the cold and rough Atlantic Ocean, an old and new history.

Native folks like Himba, San, Damara, Herero, Ovambo, Nama and Topnaar live their traditional life’s in the village, while towns and the capital Windhoek offer entertainment and modern shopping centers. 

There are many places almost unknown to tourists, places filled with mystery and ancient knowledge.

Let us take you there and enjoy the journey of your life!
With pleasure, we will plan and organize you individual tour and safari.tl_files/namibia-aktiv/Artikel/Weite.jpg

Welcome to the country of unlimited opportunities!

Warm regards from the stormy coast 
Yours Konny von Schmettau & Team