The secret place in the forbidden area opens its doors

For more than 80 years, a secret was kept from the rest of the world. A diamond town, close by the Orange River and the Atlantic Ocean.The Orange River

Rare plants, historical places, an ancient ship wreck, discovered by the mines, a ghost story about talking trees and ruins, untouched wetlands, and endless sands.  – And in the centre, a yet sleepy town in the forbidden area: ORANJEMUND.

Gemsbok roam the town, patiently waiting at the Zebra crossing to pass the road, when currently not visiting the 18 holes golf course greens. Children ride their bicycles while cars stand still and let them pass, with a smile and a wave. People chat sincerely, heartily, meet for a coffee at the Museum Café. Silence, peace, warmth, a community sticking together. Friendship. Work. Wealth. Human diamonds in the rough. – And mining, implementing well paid work, with at perspective to 2050 and beyond.Gemsbok roaming town.

In 2011 proclaimed as an “open”, Namibian town, Oranjemund can be visited by tourists from all over the world soon and will become a brand new, stunning tourist destination. Still, a permit to visit the town is needed since the Sperrgebiet remains under mining rights. Permits are given to those who could arrange for accommodation, so traveling to Oranjemund is possible even now.

„Oranjemund – A Journey through history and modern times“ is an unique travel book about the history of the diamond founds, the life of people in the old times as well as the development of Oranjemund into a modern and open town. A town map, a list of accommodations, restaurants and bars are included.Falcon roaming the ruins

The printed book is available in book stores and selected lodges in Namibia as well as in Germany. It can be ordered directly from the author by email.
The ebook is avaliable here: http://www.xinxii.com/oranjemund-p-369039.html

For bookings and permits, please contact Konny von Schmettau: